GREENCYCLE recycling bags presented to the Joglland farm store

GREENCYCLE manager Christian Allmer presented in December 2019 GREENCYCLE recycling-bags to Maria Mosbacher from the Joglland farm store. The bags correspond in their manufacturing the circular economy thinking, because they have been produced out of old plastic bottles. The soft and premium-quality bags are used by the clients with pleasure.

The Joglland farm store is dedicated to the circular economy thinking as well: in the cosy wooden house are sold products from 40 regional producers, plastic will be avoided where possible. The farm store contains regional diversity. The assortment reaches from fresh farmers bread to homemade juice, honey, spirit, meat and sausages, different kinds of cheese, wooden articles to fine pieces of craftmanship from regional artists. A cosy coffeehouse with regional snacks and homemade cakes completes the offer and invites to stay and to meet other people.

Foto: Manager Christian Allmer presents the GREENCYCLE recycling-bags to Maria Mosbacher from Joglland farm store in Vorau (photo credit:

Partners involved: IZ Vorau, manager Christian Allmer

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