„Our world only exists once” – LEGO workshop with young people to the topic of circular economy

In the context of their vocational practical experience pupils from the new secondary school of Vorau became acquainted to the topic of circular economy in the impulse centre Vorau in October 2019. Circular economy expert Markus Plank (SPINTEC) presented the adolescents the complex topic circular economy and introduced them in a very practical and playful way with the method of der LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® to creative working. The three youngsters developed very quickly specific ideas, how to save CO2 in companies as well as in their private lifes – and wrote them down. An important part played the subject of renewable energy and electric cars.

This creative method is succesfully applied with adults e.g. in team building processes or to develop innovations in enterprises. Knowledge and ideas are created very easily, because the participants can give full scope to their creativity. Markus Plank: “Every person can participate actively and in a very short time are a  lot of ideas on the table”.

LEGO workshop
LEGO workshop 2

Photo: The young people with the results of their work from the LEGO workshop (photo credit: Markus Plank, Spintec)

Partners involved: Spintec, IZ Vorau

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