Visit of the innovative recycling plant Contarina Spa, developed with Fater group spa.

The visit was organised as a result of the preliminary analysis conducted by the Municipality for the local pilot, especially regarding the ‘identification of new materials and new recycling processes that are currently not yet treated or undervalued’. The Fater group’s plant developed with Contarina Spa is forefront in his sector, dealing with the recycling of adsorbent textiles ( absorbent diaspers). The meeting also allowed us to present them the main objectives of project Greencycle.

The visit was helpful to better investigate the adsorbent textiles material flow and consider the positive and negative aspects of building such a recycling plant in the Trentino territory. This solution might help increase the amount of separate collection and recycling of waste.
Other more technical meetings might follow.

The Italian partners of Greencycle project, Municipality of Trento (Sebastiano Andreatta and Angela Holzer) and Informatica Trentina (Marco Combetto) visited the innovative plant of the Fater group spa for recycling adsorbent textiles, awarded by the European Commission as ‘Circular economy champion’. Beside the Greencycle team, the delegation included the city councillor for the Environment, Dr. Andrea Robol and the General Director of ADEP (Provincia of Trento’s Agency dealing with waste flows and recycling plants at regional level), ing. Gianfranco Cesarini Sforza.

Fater S.p.A is an Italian joint-stock company founded in 1958 by Francesco Angelini, a joint-venture between Procter & Gamble and Gruppo Angelini since 1992.
Contarina is responsible for the management of waste from the municipalities belonging to the Priula and Tv Tre Consortia, within the province of Treviso, in the Veneto region (Italy), in an area covering approximately 1,300 square kilometres with about 554,000 inhabitants, through an integrated system involving waste from production to collection, treatment and recovery, generating a positive impact on the environment as well as on the lives of the citizens.

The waste treatment center in Spresiano (TV) is an experimental plant very near to the market quality required. It is installed for the recycling of absorbent products for the person (diapers, sanitary napkins, diapers), from March 2015 and realized within the RECALL EU project, and so co-financed by the European Union, in collaboration with Fater spa (leading company in the production of absorbent products for the person), the Municipality of Ponte nelle Alpi (first in Italy to join the initiative) and the Italian Environment Research Institute.

The implant is ready to go on real “production” when all the obligation and certificates of compliance are ready. The process is almost at the end (few months to have the final required documents). A twin implant is under construction (but in a earlier development stage) nearby Amsterdam.

The recycling of adsorbent textiles has been considered as one of the solutions in the analysis of these materials waste flow, as part of the local pilot project, especially regarding the ‘identification of new materials and new recycling processes that are currently not yet treated or undervalued’. The visit of this plant helped us to better understand some general aspects as managing costs and benefits, amount and potential value of secondary raw materials produced, operative solutions for a more efficient waste collection and managing, number of people served, past and actual legal issues faced.

Other meetings might follow to deeper analyse the possibility of building such a plant in the Trentino territory.

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