Local Energy Loop, ViennAgglo, Systepur and ENGIE

ViennAgglo, Systepur and ENGIE realize a local energy loop by valorising the biomethane produced from the sludge of the treatment plant into renewable fuel.

  • After several years of expansion and modernization, the Reventin-Vaugris (Isère) wastewater treatment plant has just been revamped. Among other improvements, the equipment benefited from the implementation of a new process for recovering biogas from sludge digestion. It is upgraded two months a year via a cogeneration engine. It produces electricity – 400,000 kWh by 2030 – and heat reused on site. The remaining 10 months the biogas is purified to produce biomethane reinjected into GrDF gas networks – with an energy recovery of 4,845.00 kWh.
  • For Systepur, Engie and ViennAgglo, this initiative is “a concrete example of a circular economy for the benefit of citizens”. Engie and ViennAgglo are thus organizing this “local energy loop” by guaranteeing to Systepur that part of the energy produced will be allocated to the stations that will deliver biomethane fuel to vehicles in the Isère agglomeration.

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