News of the Workpackage 2 – City of Freiburg

Over the months the City of Freiburg developed the foundation for the preparation of circular economy (CE) strategies for each Greencycle partner City. All cities contributed to this by sharing their local data on the development of the CE in their cities.

The recently published report called ‘Setting up strategic framework for circular economy’ on the analysis of the baseline situation is also a working document for the development of the local CE strategies.

Besides cross-comparison from findings, and synergies found during the analysis the report shows all of the key findings illustrated in so called Rich Pictures: stepping-stone for starting the local stakeholder discussions and aid to understanding the local context from various perspectives.

The local CE strategies will integrate several urban topics (e.g. waste, energy, mobility) into a single cross-sectoral implementation policy. This to establish better cooperation and governance among city stakeholders to advance the local CE agenda and to provide the long term support and credibility for local CE measures over the years to come!

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